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Dear men! Our elite escort agency is about to launch a new column which is called «slut of the month» to award the most fantastic escort model based on men’s feedback. This is all because of an increasing number of applications to arrange for a professional escort in Moscow. Everything is easy as A, B, C. Escort services are assessed according to several specific criteria, including the following:

  • Appearance.
  • Ability to sell oneself properly.
  • Ability to keep up the ball if necessary.
  • The level of engagement, behavioral peculiarities, and overall mood.
  • Standing on ceremony and attention to details.
  • Quality of sex.

When the event is over, professional models that are used to maintaining their reputation, turn into hot sluts when finding themselves in the arms of passion. Men find such a leisure time scenario to be one of the most desirable outcomes since those ones who order escorts like to combine business with pleasure and strive to take the best.

Our managers provide men with feedback forms to fill in. Ladies are assessed according to the ten-grade scale, including each mentioned criterion. The questionnaire results enable us to make the popularity rating of escorts based on men’s first impressions. We rely on these things to change the service for the better.

We realize that the level of compensation is crucial for every escort model. Therefore, the company awards every monthly winner valuable gifts as well as additional promotion relevant within 30 days. What is more, we place the photo of a girl of the month in the appropriate website category along with social media official pages that drives popularity naturally.

However, the outcome does not always reflect the real state of things, and that is why choosing the best slut of the month is random with prejudice when making a final decision. The most important thing aside from reasonable compensation is that every girl has an opportunity to make a name in the best possible way! We will gladly accept your feedbacks, darling men since your satisfaction is our top priority.

Dive into the world of charm to take your mind off things in the arms of passion. Dial the phone number specified on the website and afford incredible leisure time. What can be better than having fun with an amazing professional escort that makes your heart beat faster and dick hard? Stop being humble and order the most spectacular girls.

 We are waiting for your call!