1. Does the agency use real-life photos of the escorts?

Yes, definitely. Our company uses real and accurate photos only. We meet every escort individually before their pictures are placed on the website. Sometimes escorts send pictures of the other models. It takes place rarely. However, after the restrictions were set, girls try to use their images.

Professional images provided by escort photographers do come with some photoshopping. Again as long as it does not create a false impression, we will place those pictures on the escort’s profile.

2. Can I see retouched or full-face images of escorts?

The majority of the girls and women that join our agency requires their face to be blurred. Either by shading the eyes and nose or cutting the picture above the mouth. Sometimes the escort will have given permission for full-face images to be available to a regular clientele. This will be stated at the end of the escort’s description on her profile page. If you have already used the agency services and would like access to these pictures, then please email us. If the escort you are enquiring about has given permission, then the access to her full-face images will be provided.

3. What does it sometimes state "price on application"/POA on the escort's rate list?

In this industry, using the so-called “price on application” or POA on an escort rate list is necessary. It takes place because sometimes escort models who are eager to join us, work with other agencies too. We do not find it a problem. However, this escort may be at other agencies at a high rate. Let us assume she is willing to provide her services cheaper. With that in mind, she can’t join our agency since there is a discrepancy in rates between her profiles at the various agencies. In this situation, using “price on application” on the escort’s rate profile makes it possible for her to be available at a lower rate, without the other agencies complaining.

4. Can I book two escorts simultaneously?

Yes, you can! That is possible. You can book two bisexual escorts for incall or outcall bookings. Some of the girls would have worked together before. These ladies are usually placed in the duo escorts section.

5. Can I see an escort who is listed as "outcall only" for an incall booking?

This is not possible. The only way you can book an “outcall only” escort for an incall booking would be for you to book another escort for a duo booking. Then you can see the “outcall only” escort at the other escort’s incall location with her in a duo booking.

An escort who can only do outcall can get a location for incall bookings; then, this will be noted on her escort profile page.

6. What details are required for outcall bookings to a hotel?

We require the following things when you make an outcall escort booking to the hotel you have specified:

  • The name of the hotel (including the phone number if possible).
  • The name you are checking in under.
  • The exact time you will be checking in.

These details are mandatory when confirming the booking. By using this info, we make sure that girls are sent to the right hotel. Once you have checked in, please contact us, providing the room number.

7. How can I get access to the agency member's area?

You had turned to our escort agency a few times; then, you will be able to get access to the member’s area. Just send us an email, and we will provide you the login details. We do not always have escorts in this area since most of the escort models we work with are usually placed in the main gallery.

8. If I have met an escort who would like to work with our escort agency, what should I tell them?

Please direct them to our website. There they can find the escort jobs application form. Once they filled that in, they will be directed to email a few pictures of themselves. Of course, any escort is free to call the agency to discuss joining too.

9. How can I leave a review on the booking I had with an escort from our escort agency?

There is no section on the agency website for leaving reviews. Do not hesitate to leave any review via email. Of course, you can also text or even call to let us know how things went. We appreciate any feedback.

10. What does a dinner date booking entail?

Dinner date bookings are set as a four-hour booking. Two hours at dinner and two hours of private time. This what the dinner date rates on the profiles of the escorts refer to. You can ask for a shorter or longer time period, and we will let you know the fee for the dinner date duration specified by you. The dinner part can be before or after the private time. We usually require you to meet the escort at your location at the start of the dinner date.